Email Marketing

A step-by-step guide to install Groundhogg CRM and schedule your first 6 emails.

✅ Best practice for setting up Groundhogg CRM
✅ Checklists, guides, and resources
✅ Learn the 5 different types of email campaigns
✅ Learn how to organize campaigns, contacts, and emails
✅ Step-by-step videos to follow along and do the work while you learn

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6h


Course Instructor

Reuben Hochstetler Reuben Hochstetler Instructor

Individual Course


All Access Membership



Install & Set Up Plugins

Simple Campaign & Tag Naming Convention

Create “Subscribe” Funnel

Add Subscription Opt-In to Existing Forms

Import Existing Contacts

Create Dynamic Contact Lists

Write & Schedule 6 Months of Emails

Bonus Lessons

What Others Have Said

I tripled my investment in just 1 month with this course
By: Shekhar

While I was bit skeptical in the beginning and not sure what to expect from this email marketing course, as there are so many email marketing courses out there. I am glad I made the decision to buy the course because I was making a switch from AWeber to Groundhogg CRM. Although Groundhogg has official tutorials they were not in depth and step-by-step and there was still lot of confusion.

Reuben's course helped me quickly get started with implementing a CRM system and allowing me to import my old list of 2k subscribers. The course is not only step-by-step but also has checklists, so you are never left in doubt as to what to do next.

The best part is the stellar support also provided by Reuben.

I am very glad I took the course. Not only did it help me make the big switch from a non-CRM tool (AWeber) to a CRM (Groundhogg) so that I don't need to worrying about switching again.

Most of all, I also managed to email my list and make 3 times more revenue over the investment of the course.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to make the switch to a CRM from a traditional email auto-responder tool.