Benefits of Email Marketing

Lesson Description

Email marketing is different than other marketing channels. With social media and paid ads, you are at the mercy of the platform (i.e. Facebook, Google, etc). With email, you are in control because you can communicate directly with your contact because they have a platform free email.

In this course you’ll learn the following.

  1. To install and set up Groundhogg (our CRM of choice)
  2. Implement best practices for organizing contacts, emails, campaigns and tags.
  3. Write and schedule your first 6 emails (examples included).

Throughout the course we will use examples from a made up lawn care company called Touchdown Lawn Care.

Is email the Best Marketing Channel in 2022?

Why should you choose email marketing over other channels? In 2022, email is still the most cost effective channel. It’s less expensive than paid ads and more targeted.

After this course you’ll be prepared to launch your own email marketing campaign to get more customers and increase sales.